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Tips for taking care of "sensitive skin" in winter

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Angemeldet: 11.12.2020
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BeitragVerfasst am: 14.01.2021, 06:35    Titel: Tips for taking care of "sensitive skin" in winter Antworten mit Zitat

After the rain slotxobegan to leave the period And a little cold wind Began to greet each other, many young people may enjoy the fresh air. Until we forget that the cool breeze is accompanied by dry air That will make your skin beautiful Lack of moisture as well as for some people who are already sensitive It may have an allergic rash more easily Because the cold wind became the main cause of dry skin. And allergic reactions more easily than ever

Life Center Blog Let's get to know how many types of allergic reactions there are. Then with the cold wind that blows The cause of the skin dry. And possibly allergic reactions It irritates the skin more easily. How do we handle each other?

Allergic reactions or irritation That can become a skin rash Is a symptom of dermatitis Which is a term for the disease with inflammation in the skin That may show a variety of symptoms Where we can divide Dermatitis is divided into two main groups according to the cause of the disease, which is

Group 1. Dermatitis. Caused by outside the body Such as the occurrence of rashes from chemical exposure Substances that can cause allergic reactions to certain plants, animals or insects by contact dermatitis can be classified into two categories:

Category 1 substances that are exposed to cause skin irritation due to their properties. Such as an acidic or alkaline substance Substances used to cleanse Irritations from these substances can cause rashes, not personally selected. It will develop as a rash when the skin can not tolerate the irritation from those substances. The appearance of this type of dermatitis. It often occurs in areas of frequent contact such as hands or feet, and
Type 2 is the substance in contact causing an allergic reaction causing inflammation in the skin. In which case each substance will only cause a rash in certain people, for example, those with allergic reactions. Dermatitis if wearing certain alloyed jewelry Or wear clothes With certain types of fabrics While most people do not have symptoms.
Group 2. Inflammatory dermatitis caused by internal causes, for example, atopic dermatitis. Inflammatory rashes on oily skin, etc., the main cause Of this group of dermatitis There are various factors. Both from genetic Changes in physical and mental conditions, illness, and stress can all contribute to eczema. Patients in this group may develop a recurring or chronic rash. However, external factors In particular, substances that may cause skin irritation, such as soap and detergents, can trigger more severe symptoms.

For a small allergic reaction That might be called a sensitive rash Caused by dry skin conditions Lack of fat to help replenish moisture During the cold weather We have simple skin care methods. As previously brought together as follows

Drink plenty of fluids: Regularly drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Protect yourself from the environment: Do not turn on the air conditioner too cold. And not taking a hot shower that is too hot And in winter, lotion should be applied regularly on a regular basis.

Choose soap suitable for your skin type: Choose a soap that does not contain fragrances. Or choose baby soap That are not harsh on skin conditions

Putting water in a glass and placing it close to you: in your bedroom, living room, or office, especially in dry rooms like air-conditioned rooms To help increase the humidity in the air Make the skin lose moisture less and last.

Choose healthy foods: meat, fish, olive oil, tomatoes, broccoli, whole grains, and eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables.
With the cold wind that greeted each other today Do not neglect to add moisture to the skin. And be careful not to dry the skin Because it's not just about beauty But also reduces the risk of developing allergic rashes. Caused by dry skin as well
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