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10 of the worst people we usually meet at airports .., right

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Angemeldet: 01.10.2020
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BeitragVerfasst am: 13.01.2021, 10:55    Titel: 10 of the worst people we usually meet at airports .., right Antworten mit Zitat

If you've traveled by plane before At least you've encountered some annoying passengers. (Maybe, you might be one.) Do some of your habits match up on the list we've compiled? Or you may feel that these habits are familiar. Let's go read

1. Fear guys can't go
Your flight is still a long time. But this type of person usually has a big bag, and they start to take it on the plane as well. Likes hanging around as close to the boarding gate as permitted by the staff. He doesn't care if he can queue up for a fifth group! He also refused to move the bottom to make way for other passengers with queues to board first.

2. The mobile charger.
There are even shops for passengers to stroll. But this type of person will all plug in both notebook and mobile phone charger. And when it is fully charged, he will pick up both iPads, Game Boy, and many miscellaneous things to plug in to charge. Until thinking of buying a plane ticket in order to charge

3. The children who are not cared for.
This child was left to live alone in this airport? Parents are not around, just ask. We often see children of this kind running around. Bump into everything And act as if the floor was a private racetrack Guess where has the parents gone? Would sit and enjoy the tranquility in a Starbucks nearby

4. People talking on the phone loudly.
Do you wonder what this person has had all his life? Don't worry, you'll know, because he's going to talk on the phone like a speaker on his mouth, and he's not embarrassed. Whether he's going through a crisis in his marriage, a doctor's exam, or a top-secret job at work. You will hear every minute of every detail he spits out. Maybe you should write a message to remind him to shut his mouth a little!

5. They play games without headphones.
You know, we are very happy that you just loaded the hit game and are playing it. But can you mute the sound or at least help me put on headphones? No one has fun with the loud beeps of the games you are playing. And what's worse, parents who give their kids the phone just to want their kids to be silent. But please turn off the sound first

6. Drunken
It seems (also smells) that someone is drinking a bit too much at the airport bar, and he's headed for a duty-free liquor store, right? There is no need to be afraid that you will sit next to this kind of person on the plane Because soon A security guard will come and drag him before you get on the plane again.

7. Bragging people
"Don't you know who I am? I'm a member of the Platinum Club. Blah! ”It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, but we pity the staff who had to explain to this group of people that this plane wasn't waiting. You alone

8. The seat reservation guys
As everyone waits to board, a certain type of person will take their seats. The seat next to it is placed for the bag. Another placed pillows and food bags. Alone, take it all in a row, is it right?

9.The impatient, irritable
You can see this type of person from a distance. Because these are very loud and expressive.

10. The Sick
You know, we understand that you can't cancel this flight just because you had a cold. But that doesn't mean we want to be close to someone who is sneezing without wearing a mask. And coughing into the face of everyone around With his hand full of germs grabbing all over the place But we will think of you when we are sick during the trip. We can remember exactly that.

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