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first food to be deliberatel

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Angemeldet: 20.08.2018
Beiträge: 1606

BeitragVerfasst am: 10.10.2019, 05:34    Titel: first food to be deliberatel Antworten mit Zitat
The story about the Cheney hunting mishap is it is a story at all. The irony is it is a story at all because Team Cheney decided to control it as if it were not a story. Now that's some convoluted thinking; as true as it may be. Considering the VP's revelation to Team Fair and Balanced during a well controlled ?press interview? that all he cared about was the human story by taking the time to let the birdshot settle so to speak Dre'Mont Jones Broncos Jersey , it is amazing just how much Team Cheney spun wrong when finally given the chance.

All I'm able to do at this point is shake my head in wonderment. If I had any question before that Cheney might not be a straight shooter, I'm certain of it now.

They had at least eighteen hours to get it right the first time. And they blew it big time.

For instance:

Why was the injury initially reported as if it were ?just a flesh wound?a nuisance really? when apparently the nuisance was that pesky pellet lodged playfully near the heart?

Why was the initial report of a 'minor heart attack while he slept peacefully? released as an ?oh by the way?, leaving us to conjecture it was the innocent doing of a 78 year old organ when it was really caused by that wily wascal resting on the heart?

Why did Team Cheney initially report it was Whittington's fault when it clearly was not?

Why were we told he was thirty yards away, when most experts claim he had to be within 12 feet for birdshot to penetrate that deeply into the body?

Why did Team Cheney release a talking point to Red State Rush, White House Hannity and the rest Drew Lock Broncos Jersey , to deflect attention by vilifying former VP Al Gore's 'treasonous? comments made in Saudi Arabia when they neglected to point out Al also challenged the Middle East countries to rise up, be accountable and denounce Iran's dangerous pursuit of nuclear capability?

Team Cheney sure did get a lot wrong considering their concern for getting it right. However, if they achieved one thing, it might be that it is unlikely the truth will ever be known, lacking someone breaking the hunter's code of silence by coming forward with some facts.

So I Dalton Risner Broncos Jersey , for one, am left wondering why the spin machine was fired up for something that on the surface seemed rather innocuous, barring the poor man should die or something. Was there a little alcohol involved? Who were the ?friends?, sometimes referred to as ?good friends?, sometimes as ?just acquaintances? Noah Fant Broncos Jersey , and what were they chatting about, ?Project Runway?? What was it that needed to be discreet? Were they cross dressing or something?

My guess'since that is all I'm left with?is that it was a horrific moment for all involved. By Dick Cheney's own admission, Whittington went down like a ton of bricks and he was bleeding. I don't know about you, but I'm with the VP on this one. That is a bad thing. I probably would have thrown up on the poor bastard. But at the end of the day it was an accident, right? Things happen Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey , right? Okay, so the late night hosts and ?The Daily Show? are going to have a good week but so be it. That's the punishment public figures must endure when public figures do dumb things; just ask Pee Wee Herman.

It just seems to me that all Team Cheney had to do was immediately release something to the press that essentially said, ?earlier today the Vice President accidentally shot a fellow hunter who is currently being treated at the local hospital and until we are certain of the seriousness of the injuries have nothing further to offer?.

Is that so tough to do? It would be all over except the chuckles and laughs.

But no! Team Cheney's penchant for situational control and disdain of the ?biased? press made this the story it really wasn't. Team Cheney truly is the gang that can't shoot straight.

Now I'm left to wonder, if they intentionally mislead me on the little stuff, what about the big stuff like wiretapping Courtland Sutton Broncos Jersey , CIA outings, global warming, the Iraq war, terrorism, or anything else for that matter?

The fact is I have always felt uneasy about Dick Cheney Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey , that he has something up his gun vest sleeve with his undisclosed locations and all, like he's Batman or something. And I am tired of it. And while I'm at it, I'm tired of the President too. And I'm tired of Howard Dean. I'm tired of the mudslinging, divisiveness, and spin on Capitol Hill. Even McCain and Obama can't seem to stay clear of the crap. I'm sick of the whole thing. Sick of it! And it is humanity that suffers Phillip Lindsay Broncos Jersey , the very thing Team Cheney seemed so concerned about.

Which reminds me; I do hope Mr. Whittington recovers fully.

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