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Dawn, the mist of mist linger

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Angemeldet: 28.06.2018
Beitrge: 39

BeitragVerfasst am: 12.10.2018, 08:20    Titel: Dawn, the mist of mist linger Antworten mit Zitat
Dawn, the mist of mist lingers in this valley. In the vagueness, there were a few barks, which were awkward and intoxicating. Everything is so is a forest, indeed, she is very beautiful. A glimpse of the first yang, shining on her thin willow waist, plain white added a brilliant brilliance, a life of jealousy. She is bred with large and small creatures, and the birds settled in her arms in order to thank her. Whenever the rising sun rises, she plays a first symphony for her. Listen, how beautiful this crisp song is! Oh, in order to repay her, the butterfly danced on her body and danced a waltz of love!grinned and smiled beautifully, and a beautiful long hair floated up and swayed in the air. The child grew up, became sensible, and knew to tease her mother. She is very pleased, two tears are flowing out of her eyes, that is the tears of love many years? Hundreds of years? A long time later, a new child, a person born in her cradle, is very cute, very well-behaved, with wisdom that other children can't compare, he will learn birds, learn breaststroke, learn to climb... The martial arts are all well-versed. And he is also the child who can best please the mother, combing her mother, washing her face for her mother, picking a flower and wearing it on her mother's head. His brothers and sisters boast that human beings are good sensible children.when a person grows up, he said to her: "Mother, I have grown up Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. It is no longer the childish and childish, and I am entangled in the children you are not letting. I should also be independent, and I will go one after another." Back!" She was in tears and didn't say anything. Looking forward to the gradual departure of mankind, watching his shadow grow longer and longer under the setting sun, until it disappears at the end of the plain Marlboro Lights, her heart is as painful as a knife.s been a long time since I��ve been away. In these eighteen years, people have created a grand achievement, first inventing the word, then discovering the fire in an accident, and then inventing it. Tools, cold weapons, houses, etc. However, he did not know that in the past 18 years, a young and thoughtful mother was worried about him all the time, looking forward to the night, but still did not expect him to come, she washed her face all day, passed Eighteen years, the pain of missing. was another long and arduous period. During this period, people invented cars, computers, buildings... His identity climbed to the top of the pyramid, but he was still unsatisfied. The ambitious man asked himself to go forward and surpass a sly mother, she lost the beauty of the past and the willow-like waist, the rest is the vicissitudes of the years, and the waist of the sly, a fluffy hair has been rendered into a The cross-cut silver wire gives a very old feeling.ylight and hustle, breeze, bright days. On this day, the forest came to an uninvited guest - man. Is his arrival a surprise? Her surprise. Looking at the old man in front of him, he opened his mouth indifferently: "Forest Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, start today, you belong to me!" "What? You, not my child? Why do I belong to you?" The person who has been worried for a long time, she can not tell the taste, happy and bitter, he finally arrived? Have you visited his elderly mother? "Why? Because of my needs, since you are my mother, you should satisfy me, right? I need a piece of wood, you won't disagree!" The words reveal a pleading tone. "This..." She was hesitant and awkward. Is it satisfying the needs of the children? After some entanglement Marlboro Red 100S, she agreed, but did not know, waiting for a devastating blow...e middle of the finger, a few years later, the beautiful forest has long been turned into nothingness, leaving behind a ruin, and the culprit is her child - man Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The unscrupulous felling of a towering tree in the forest, facing the mother's pleading, he just swayed. Every year, the numberest is a sea, a green sea full of life, she raises everything, and we are part of it. She is the source of life, our mother, the most dear mother, please be kind to her. Sorry, mother!
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Angemeldet: 10.04.2019
Beitrge: 37026

BeitragVerfasst am: 13.04.2019, 00:30    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat
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Angemeldet: 10.04.2019
Beitrge: 37026

BeitragVerfasst am: 30.05.2019, 14:50    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat
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Angemeldet: 10.04.2019
Beitrge: 37026

BeitragVerfasst am: 23.06.2019, 20:09    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat
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