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Car wallpaper - endless passion

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Angemeldet: 18.05.2016
Beiträge: 1

BeitragVerfasst am: 18.05.2016, 03:54    Titel: Car wallpaper - endless passion Antworten mit Zitat
Today, with the rapid development labs, industrial car is a major industry. The cars are the main means in many countries. Together see set car wallpaper and the development of them in the present and the future.
In 2005, 63 million cars and light trucks were produced worldwide. Car manufacturers the world's largest (including light trucks) is the European Union accounted for 29% of the world's product, eastern Europe accounted for only 4%. The second largest manufacturer with 25.8% as NAFTA, followed by 16.7% in Japan, 8.1% Chinese, 3.9% MERCOSUR, India 2.4% and the rest of the world is 10.1% (VDA-link). The free trade zone as large as the EU, NAFTA, and MERCOSUR attract car manufacturers around the world to products manufactured within their area with no dominant currency risk and tariffs, more more ability to reach customers better. Therefore but production figures do not reflect the technical capabilities or trade qualifications regions. In fact, most if not all the cars belonging to the third world to use the technology and the Western models (and sometimes even the entire production line was backward from western plants are go straight to that country), this is reflected in the statistics of patents as well as the location of R & D centers. Auto industry is dominated by a relatively small number of producers (not to be confused with the number of brands), the largest manufacturer (according to the number of vehicles produced) is General Motors, Toyota and Ford Motor Company. It is thought that Toyota would peaked at number 1 manufacturer in 2006. The manufacturer has profit on each product the highest in recent years because of price, Porsche and their top quality. Car industry to a large extent risks are still high when producing below capacity design.
To restrict accident, has made efforts to develop self-driving cars. Many such projects have been funded NHTSA, including the group's projects NavLab at Carnegie Mellon University. Grand Challenge race famous by DARPA funding is also part of this effort. A recent invention is the electronic stability system (ESP) launched by Bosch and are thought to have the potential to reduce the number of deaths by 30% and by many policy makers as well as companies started car production Recommended as standard features for all cars sold in the EU. ESP recognizes the dangerous situation and modify the control of the driver in a short time to stabilize the vehicle. Hybrid cars, fuel cell-powered electric motor, or be integrated both a traditional internal combustion engine, is a car means replacing fossil fuel use in the next few decades. The biggest obstacle to the production of hydrogen cars is the cost of producing this fuel by electrolytic process, it is inefficient and requires spending a lot more power, which is also an fuel source very expensive. However, hydrogen produces 5 times more energy than petrol and 93, no CO2 and promises low cost mass production. BMW's engineers have announced the installation of hydrogen fuel engine performance aboard their 7 series. Car industry has recently determined that the potential market for the most developed (in both revenue and profit), is software. Car today are equipped with networking software useful; from speech recognition to the navigation system and other systems in the car entertainment (DVD / Games) ... The software currently accounts for 35% of the car, and the percentage of this value will continue to increase more. The theory behind this event is the Car mechanical systems will only be a amenities, and the real differences will be in software.
Paris is a big city, with industry development, as well as automotive industry. Along watching this modern city through Paris wallpaper of us. With the development of his many racing games are also very developed. Along oto watching the cars through this exciting games wallpaper
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Angemeldet: 10.06.2016
Beiträge: 11

BeitragVerfasst am: 01.07.2016, 12:28    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat
Yo, danke für die Links. DIe Autowallpaper sind ja wirklich ganz nett Smilie
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