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Bob Gibson Womens Jersey

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Hearing Aid - What Happens When You Visit an Audiologist Health Articles | May 17, 2012
If you aren't sure if you are having temporary ear problems or need a hearing aid, an audiologist can help. Discover what happens when you make an appointment with one.

There are many things that can negatively affect your listening abilities. Everything from loud music to loud jobs can do damage to your ears. For example, you may spend a few hours at a rock concert. Then, once you leave Matt Carpenter Womens Jersey , you may notice you cannot hear as well as you did. Also, it may feel like your ears are clogged. After a few days, these issues usually go away. However, if they don't, it may be time to have an audiologist check your ears and find out if you really have done some damage. Find out what steps you need to take.

An audiologist is a skilled professional that has the experience needed to test your ears as well as diagnose any disorders. When you visit this expert, he or she can determine if you'll benefit from wearing a hearing aid. Or, if you are having other issues such as equilibrium problems or ringing in your ears Yadier Molina Womens Jersey , he or she can assist you with this too. Sometimes, this person will be able address your issues fully and other times you may be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

When you arrive at a visit, the audiologist will want to go over all your past history. This can include previous ear issues, or if you've had other problems with your balance, ear surgeries, infections Willie McGee Womens Jersey , wore a hearing aid and more. This way, he or she will have a better idea of what you've been through and can better determine what you'll need.

In addition, the audiologist will inspect your ear using a special tool. When doing this, he or she can see if there are any physical issues, such as wax build-up, foreign objects in your ear or problems with your eardrum. Once your ear is deemed physically okay, he or she will proceed with a series of tests.

The first test focuses on your middle ear and the audiologist will insert a tool in your ear. This tool determines how your eardrum reacts to slight pressure. During this test Bob Gibson Womens Jersey , you will hear beeping noises as the audiologist works. In the end, the way the eardrum moves helps the audiologist figure out if you have fluid in your ear or maybe an infection. Sometimes, remedying issues like this could result in no need for a hearing aid.

The second test is an audio test in which you will be put in a soundproof room. The audiologist will ask you to let him or her know when you hear certain sounds. This can mean you have to push a button or raise your hand.

Once both tests are complete, the audiologist will discuss your results and a hearing aid may be recommended, or you may be referred to a specialist.

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