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Once the PSP games are downloaded, connect

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BeitragVerfasst am: 15.02.2019, 11:25    Titel: Once the PSP games are downloaded, connect Antworten mit Zitat
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Games > Game Platforms > Google PlayHow To Play PSP Download Games

Posted by nick_niesen in Games on October 26th, 2010

Like many others who had purchased original PSP games from the retail outlets Rod Carew Twins Jersey , you will realize that as the games is completed, buying new games seem to be getting expensive and unaffordable. What else can I do if I want to continue to play new or old fashioned games on my PSP console? I start search and looking for website that offers free PSP download games.

Once I had downloaded the PSP games onto my console, how to play PSP download games was my next question. I'm not sure exactly how PSP works when I download new PSP games onto the unit, but I sure have found some answers while I was looking for it. Since I'm facing and struggling with this problem on how to play PSP download games on my unit, lots of other people must be also getting the same problem.

Hope that I get this right for everyone to play PSP download games because I used the same method here to play on my console. Before we get started Bert Blyleven Twins Jersey , I'm using a PSP unit with firmware of 1.5 and having a Sony PSP
compatible memory stick pro duo.

Since you are going to download the PSP games, you must download the games for the correct version of firmware, if not it will not work. Newer version of the firmware is available to anyone from the PSP official website. Most homebrew PSP games works with firmware 1.5 and below because the newer firmware upgrade is trying to block people from using homebrew games. Make sure the games you are downloading ends with PSP because only PSP files are compatible with Sony PSP unit.

And for firmware upgrade at anytime, you may need to download a newer version of the games to be compatible with the firmware. Otherwise error messages like "The data is corrupted" or "The game would not be started" will display on your PSP screen.

Once the PSP games are downloaded, connect the PSP to your computer by using the USB cable that comes with the PSP console. Change your PSP console into PSP mode by pressing the "Home" button. Next scroll left to the "Setting" column and scroll down until "USB Connection". Press "X" button to enter PSP into USB mode.

To download the PSP games into your console Kent Hrbek Twins Jersey , the games must be copied and downloaded onto the correct folder in order for the games to work. And the correct path is PSP> GAME in order for the any PSP games to work correctly. If the "PSP" and "GAME" folder does not exist on your PSP memory stick, you need to manually create the folder with folder name in ALL CAPS.

Once you have finished downloading or transferring the games onto the PSP memory stick, you can disconnect your PSP from the computer. From the PSP console main menu, scroll over to the "GAME" column on your Sony PSP and continue to scroll down on the memory stick. Press "X" and a list of game files will be displayed. Scroll downward and you will be able to see the games you have just installed.

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