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"Bragging life" in the online world generates dram

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Angemeldet: 28.09.2020
Beiträge: 86

BeitragVerfasst am: 04.03.2021, 10:23    Titel: "Bragging life" in the online world generates dram Antworten mit Zitat

Nowadays, smartphones โหลดสล็อตxo can be considered as the fifth factor for many people and the sixth factor is social media. You might as well see that as a matter of yours! Because you didn't do anything wrong You have the right to carry your smartphone with you wherever you go, wherever you are in the world. And have the right to play social media 24/7 as long as it doesn't violate anyone's rights And did not make anyone in trouble

But you might not expect that playing social media (Without thinking carefully) that is what you are doing "I am in trouble"
If you are the one who spends some of the day online. Will find that the drama that takes place in today's society Nearly a hundred triangles are "doing yourself" as well. Either the actress left the house during detention and uploaded her no-masked photo to social media. The DJ held a birthday party and took a clip. Take pictures on social media during times when prohibited by law. Or taking photos, making merit, releasing aquatic animals into social media Without studying well that it is a fish that is suitable for the ecosystem in that area Because even if the fish are in the water But it's not that going anywhere there is water.

Where you are, what you do, you want the world to know.
It can be seen that in all 3 cases as illustrated above Is a case of heavy criticism from the "netizens" To the improper action, so let's think in a different way, if all 3 cases don't take pictures and upload them on social media. Netizens will not know where you went and what you did (unless you were secretly filmed by an adversary).

Let me give you another example of a case that used to be popular news several years ago. Legendary concert tickets That has famous people in a way that looks and takes advantage of ordinary people Then he posted and boasted that he got it that way, this way. Until it became a very popular drama, the question is, if I don't post it on that day No one will know When no one knows Nobody hit the drama, right?

Indeed, people who live on the off-line world know very well how it is now that the phenomenon of "rich society drama" is that everything that happens in society can become a drama issue. It depends on how much the person is interested. And how the media is disseminating the news Especially with famous people No matter what movement The media is always ready to hit the news. Even hitting a heart-shaped comment on your friends' Instagram can become news.

In which point it is understandable that the media is just doing their job. He had to sell the news. He had to increase the ratings. He wants advertising money. Because people in the industry know how well other people's scandals are selling. The more news, the bigger the force, the netizens share the cheer team. How much rude to comment on each other? The amount of participation only increases. There is a team to encourage There was a different team of opinion, and a different team of attacking. There is a team that is not a loner, just annoyed, but they do not think in their hearts, in fact they can let go Wasted time and energy to type comments that "Just this is news I don't want to know. "

Which in an age where showing off is easier through social media Most shows come in the form of a picture post, a video post, or a live broadcast. They will show the status and happiness at that time. Which is true happiness or fake happiness is not important. This is like a way of communicating to those around you (or society) that the owner of the image is at what point it is doing, and society has to know. People need to care But how much is it necessary for others to know?

Many might say that it is a matter of him to do anything on his ground, that is not wrong, but not quite right. Don't forget that his area is public. So you can't stop people from paying attention. Because you don't do anything quietly in the first place because you want someone to be interested. If you are not a celebrity Your uploading pictures Post your status on Facebook.At least you want your friends to know, so you can never reject a negative opinion of what you post on social media. This means that you have to prepare yourself to accept criticism from people who think differently from you.

So look carefully that if you don't post any life, let others know where you went and what you did, then there may be no drama, as in the three cases mentioned earlier.

Forgetting to honor the best caps.
Internet today has high speed. If you have a hand to post something without having to think carefully or think carefully first. After hitting the post, he thought it was enough, so I immediately pressed delete. But did you know that a post or photo that gets uploaded for a few seconds can ruin your life? By those who are excellent "Capton (America)", that means that drama can happen in a split second

Social media has made taking photos or videos a very common everyday life. Even when combined with a culture of showing off This makes it possible for people all over the world to become a photographer anywhere and anytime. It turns out that the more you want to show off your life to the world. The chances of a drama happen only. The photos you update the stats you post. When someone sees it, he doesn't think the same as you. He caps are all evidence to keep Even if you delete it But he is always ready to open a teleport just someone called

It's easy to think about posting photos that don't fit your job. Then someone saw it until it was expanded until it became famous. When someone is interested, you may end up losing your job. Because society wants the agency to take responsibility for your inappropriate behavior. Not only You will get a reputation for being crowded Been reviled for quite a long time

But when unable to endure the crowded society Apologizing is the best way to go. With the card upside down "Unaware" to ask the society to forgive. With the belief that Thai people easily forget And kind enough to give one more chance because[img][/img]
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